Thought-led content services

Why you should publish thought-led content

If you want to be noticed in your industry, you need to publish long-form content. Long-form content gives you scope to dive deep into a topic or subject you know is important to your audience.

You might think the only way to sell is through sales pitches and sales copy, and that's not the case.

Showcasing your knowledge in your sector helps cement your company as knowledgeable. 

My thought-led content helps you position you as a leader in your field. My thought-led pieces are well-researched and edited to a high standard.

Once you've paid for the content, it's yours to do with as you please. 

Post on LinkedIn to reinforce your expertise to a professional audience, share it on your blog to drive traffic - shout about it from the rooftops across social media. 

To make the most of each piece, I can suggest ways to utilise it properly. How to use it to engage your audience through email marketing and well-thought-out social media content.

What do you get for your money?

My content pieces are designed to be in-depth and written and edited to a high standard. The pieces start from 1500 words. If your sector is niche, the more research needed for the piece, which inevitably means the price per piece will be higher.

Monthly content starts from £450.

For this price, you receive in-depth topic research and suggestions for each piece, source citations from relevant publications and journals, images, diagrams and screenshots where necessary, a round of content revisions and content that is written and edited to a high standard and, of course, plagiarism checked.

One-off pieces are available.

Before we start working together, it's important I understand your audience and how your business operates.

Contact me for an audience questionnaire, followed by a Zoom video call.

Why do I need a video call?

Video is so much better than a simple phone call. We can understand each others' personalities and see if we work well together. I find video calls easier and quicker to discuss what you need out of your content and how I can help you.

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