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Why you should bother with a blog

Did you know that according to Demand Gen, the average user interacts with 3-5 pieces of content before even considering a sale or enquiry?

I have a few content questions for you:

1. Do you post a variety of content - not just news about your company, who you've hired etc?


2. How many pieces of content do you currently have on your website that you can, hand on heart, say they offer genuinely interesting and useful advice for your users?


3. Does the content you currently have in your blog answer challenges you know your audience struggle with?


If you’ve answered a resounding 'no' to the above questions, my blog writing services could be a perfect fit for your SME.


Together with my seven years plus of marketing and content writing experience, I utilise the most up-to-date content analysis tools to ensure your business is kept relevant to its audience.

Topic research plays a large part in my blog writing services. You can amend the ideas I put forward each month - communication is important to me. 

If we can't communicate effectively, this relationship, sadly, won't work.

What's included in my blog writing service?

My blog writing services are unique to each client, and pricing reflects this. Monthly blog writing packages start from £450. 

All my packages include an image for each post, source citations where relevant, creative title and meta descriptions. And all content topics are thoroughly researched and written with keywords in mind.

Before we start working together, it's important I understand your audience and how your business operates.

Contact me for an audience questionnaire, followed by a Zoom video call.

Why do I need a video call?

Video is so much better than a simple phone call. We can understand each others' personalities and see if we work well together. I find video calls easier and quicker to discuss what you need out of your content and how I can help you.

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