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strategy maintenance

It takes time to understand which keywords you should be including in your content to help it rank better and it can be exhausting identifying content gaps your business is missing out on. Research conducted by Zazzle Media found that 60% of people find it hard to produce content consistently - if you’re a business owner or a solo marketer and this sounds like you, my content strategy maintenance service could be for you.


This service takes out all the guesswork when creating content. I will set up keywords and rankings tracking for your website using an industry-leading SEO and content analysis tool.


Each month you’ll receive a custom report detailing the content opportunities you’re missing out on, which keywords you could be targeting to compete within your niche and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll waste less time figuring out what content your audience is actually searching for - because I’ll tell you!


You’ll get a 30-minute call each month so you can ask me all the questions you want about the direction of your content. Read more about this service below.

What's included in your content strategy maintenance service?

In this monthly maintenance service, I will analyse your rankings on a regular basis, identify new keyword or content opportunities you can take advantage of. This service includes a 30-minute call at the end of each month where we can discuss my findings and we can talk through my short report. You will be sent this report before our call. 

This service does not include written blog posts. Click here for my blog management service.


- Ongoing keyword, ranking and content opportunity analysis summarised in a report each month.

- One 30-minute call/Skype each month to discuss this report and answer any questions you might have regarding the report's findings.


Content strategy maintenance, £300/month