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strategy session

It has been reported by content marketer extraordinaire, Neil Patel, that the top reason a company’s content marketing fails is that they simply don't have a solid content strategy under their belt. It’s all well and good creating content you think your audience is searching for - but do you know for certain they are actually searching for it?


Using industry-leading content marketing and SEO tools, my content strategy session aims to pinpoint gaps in your current content strategy, highlighting areas you’re failing to tap into and give you the knowledge required to make INFORMED decisions about your content.


If you feel like you might be creating content for content’s sake and seeing little to no return from your content marketing efforts - this service could be for you!

What's included in your content strategy session service?

After a 45-minute call/Skype, where together we will discuss your concerns and needs, I will then follow-up with a discovery report and a keyword report. These reports will give you the foundations you need in order to create content that engages your audience and gets results – whether that’s more leads, better authority within your sector or better brand awareness.




A 45-minute content strategy session call/Skype.

(I am based in the Liverpool area – if you would prefer a face-to-face strategy session, please contact me for more details.).


Before the call you will receive an agenda, this gives you a chance to prepare any questions you might have for me that you would like answered. This agenda helps me structure our call to ensure you get the most value possible from this 45-minute session.


A discovery report


After our call, I will prepare a discovery report. This report will show the findings of my analysis into your competitor’s content strategy, content performing well in your niche and will highlight any content gaps in your current strategy and how you can address them.


A keyword report


This keyword report will outline 10 keywords either currently targeted by your competitors but not by your company or other low-competition keywords you can utilise in your content to earn specific traction in the search engine results pages. This report will show you monthly search volumes for each keyword, the current top-ranking sites for each keyword and whether this keyword is generating any traffic for your competitors.


Equipped with both the keyword and discovery report, you will be able to create content that is relevant, that is proven to perform well in your niche and, most importantly, no more will you waste resources creating content that has no traction within your audience base and the search engine results pages.


Content strategy session, discovery report and keyword report, £270

Content strategy session only, £100