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Did you know that 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep? If a customer was to visit your website right now and interact with 3-5 pieces of content, do you think they'd get the right impression of your business? Do you think you're sending them the right message?


According to a study by Microsoft, the introduction of the digital age has decreased our attention span to a measly eight seconds - but only 18 years ago we had an attention span of 12 seconds. Hopefully, this isn't a trend on the downward spiral but what if it is? Does your website content capture the attention of the audience it demands?


If your answer is 'no' - or basically anything but 'yes' - then my content writing service could be for you.


Say goodbye to online content that doesn't hit the mark!

What's included in your blog content writing service?

What makes my expert blog content writing service different from the average blog post writing? For this level of service, each piece is edited to the highest standard and all prices include one round of content revisions.


My expert content writing services will ensure the content distributed by your brand is not only high quality but highly-relevant and proven to perform well for your niche.


With my experience as a content marketer along with the help of in-depth SEO and content analysis tools, I can create content that will engage and inform your audience, whilst addressing their challenges and needs within the industry.

It's not just blog content I can create for you, I can create email marketing copy, web page copy and landing page copy, also. Please get in touch to receive a quote for custom projects.



Before we begin, I will send across a short contract with e-sign signature to protect both of us. I require 50 per cent of the package payment upfront. 


I will then send across a short audience questionnaire so I can understand exactly who your audience is. 


Regardless of which package you choose, you will receive the topic, keywords and title for sign off before I begin creating your content. 


After choosing your content package, we will decide on a deadline for all draft content. With all packages, you receive one round of revisions to the content and any further rounds of revisions are chargeable at £35 - unless there are mistakes in the copy, this will, of course, be free of charge.

At the end of the process, you will receive the final version of the piece of content along with the rights to do whatever you please with the piece. Whether that is to upload it to your own blog, outreach it to a third-party publication - whatever you choose.

Packages and pricing: 


Level 1 content package | £450

  • x4 500-word blog posts

  • Stock image for each

  • Citations

  • SEO-friendly post title

  • Thorough topic and keyword research

Level 2 content package | £655

  • x4 850-word blog posts

  • Stock image for each

  • Citations

  • SEO-friendly post title

  • Thorough topic and keyword research

Level 3 content package | £995

  • x8 850-word blog posts

  • Stock image for each

  • Citations

  • SEO-friendly post title 

  • Thorough topic and keyword research

What is topic and keyword research?

Topic research ensures the content being created is valuable to your audience. Low competition keywords are researched as part of this service to ensure the best possible chance of organic traction for the piece.

Topic, keywords and title will be sent to you for sign off before writing begins.

My content packages are cheaper when purchased on an ongoing monthly basis. Read about my blog management service.