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writing and design

Looking to generate more leads for your business? Creating an eBook could be a great idea for your business. A content offer - such as an eBook - is the perfect gateway to generating more leads.


Why? They help you nurture your users into potential customers. eBooks are a great way to offer genuinely useful ‘takeaway’ content for your audience. Sometimes, a long-form piece of content doesn’t do your subject matter justice and that’s why an eBook can give your audience the flexibility to read up on your product or services at their own pace.


Then, once they’re informed, they might be in a better position to become a client or a customer.


eBooks are content offers you can guard with a form - so in return for this highly-useful piece of content, you’re getting the user’s contact details.


Helping you grow a subscriber list filled with leads - perfect!

What's included in my eBook writing and design service?


  • Three-page eBook written and designed

  • Includes one round of revisions

  • You will receive the content of your eBook for sign off before I design it

  • Before I begin creating your eBook, you will be asked to provide your topic and title

  • Editable finished eBook


One eBook written and designed, three pages, £240