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I am a freelance content writer based in Liverpool. My content writing services are different because I use a mixture of data-led and trend analysis. For example, if I notice everyone is talking about something specific in your industry - should it be something we create? Will it offer something of value to your audience?

I then use industry-leading content analysis software to identify other content - what is your audience searching for? What has performed well for competitors? What common barriers to purchase can we address for your audience?

Together with my almost eight years' experience, I can offer you insightful content - whether it's for your blog to engage your audience, or thought-led content to help you achieve industry leadership.

I understand that running a business is time-consuming and you might not have the time or resources required to deliver a highly-targeted, consistent content strategy.

I can pinpoint gaps in your current content marketing strategy and assess what kind of content is making its mark in your industry.


I can generate insightful content ideas and identify where your content sweet spot sits.


I am a passionate content marketer, avid writer and, most importantly, I am committed to helping your business grow its presence organically online.

If you're looking for a freelance writer in Liverpool, look no further - get in touch!

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